My ONE Word for the year

Jesus looked at them and said, "With man this is impossible, but not with God; all things are possible with God." Mk 10:27

Jesus looked at them and said, “With man this is impossible, but not with God; all things are possible with God.” Mk 10:27


There, I said it! Yikes, already I’m trying to find ways to back out!  Sounds simple… Believe. Sounds inert… Believe. It won’t cost much, require much, demand much.. Just Believe, right? Whoa!!!! The more I say it, the more I realized that I have unleashed the Cracken!  (too dramatic? hmm, I think not).  I’m an old-school gal.  I make yearly resolutions like the main stream population, every year, then fail miserably at them, like everyone else does, and then spend the rest of the year beating myself up cuz I couldn’t stop eating anything “white”, or couldn’t stop drinking caffeine after 3 pm, or remove carbs from my diet, or take fish oil capsules daily (what’s with the size of those things anyway?) or remove sweeteners from my home, or stay on the Atchoo diet, or the South Beat Diet, live foot print-less.  I have resolution-ed myself into the state of “I resolve to NEVER have another Resolution!” And the crazed-cycle continues.  Am I not like every other old-schooler resolution-ist?  We start. We fail. We gripe about it for a year.  Then we restart. We refail. We regripe. (000h, I kinda like that word).

But this year, I happened upon a very non-old school shiny new thing.  Twitter.  Yep… Twitter.  I’m now a twitter.  (or am I a Tweeter? A tweet-ee? A tweetie bird?) And in my discovery of all things Twitt-ish, I came across a wonderful blog that challenged me to choose a word.  The blog is by Nicole Cottrell. The blog is entitled, “My One Word for the Year.”  It’s worth the read!

Not a resolution.  But a revelation.

C’mon y’all.  You know that I am a believer.  I love the LORD with my whole being… (yeah, I know, not such a great mental image).  But this is different.  This is a challenge I feel in my heart- I trust that it is birthed from the heart of God.  And as I sit here typing there is a stirring deep within me that whispers:

Believe  Believe  Believe  Believe 

Would you join me today?  Ask the LORD to give you a word for the year.  Expect it to be a revelation word, not a resolution.  How could your life be changed if He revealed Himself to you within that word? Why not give it a try with me, and believe?

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Hello! I am a slightly menopausal, mildly quirky, Californian turned Texan mother of 4 grown children. I have been married 30 years to the man of my dreams, Jeff. My heart is for sharing with others about God's passionate pursuit of His people, and His desire for us to walk in a Face to Face relationship with Him. I enjoy sharing via my blogs, and am guest blogging on several sites. Join me on my journey! My personal blog site: You can also reach me on Facebook@ BFace2Face or tweet me @beFace2Face.
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